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Is the Nikka Valid?

It was under false intentions. Also, he never paid the mahr.

Living as a second wife

In 3 years he spent only 5 nights with us. He says he is doing according to what Islam says.

I’m in severe pain, confused and lost

My second wife always behaves in a way she makes me feel suspect her…

I can’t divorce her… how to handle life with second wife

I married a second wife and agreed to let my first wife stay in the house only so she can be with the kids. Is this a sin for me?

Arranged vs Love Marriage (Divorce)

I am very much disturbed because of problems in my family life…

Relationship nightmare – he forgot to mention he was married!

If he does not want to be with his wife, he should divorce her and if he does not want to be with me, he should divorce me! At this stage I just want a resolution.

My father is not fair

He went and got another wife on her without permission…Through the years this women has been causing our family a lot of problems…

Online Nikkah?

I don’t want to delay my nikkah…

Loving Someone in a wrong time

I would like to share my story and be enlightened with advice…

Wife struggling as husband is unjust with his time as he has two wives

Should I apply for a khulla? As I clearly have no proper time in my marriage and my husband does whatever he wants regardless of my feelings.