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He made me have two abortions – should I marry him?

If he does marry me at least seeing him would finally be halal, and the sacrifices I made would not have be done in vain and if were a secret now at least we can be together properly in the hereafter.

Betrayed by my husband and my friend

She’s been living with us for 3 years. She’s now pregnant and went to her country to give birth there. He told me about everything after she left.

Thinking of suicide – Did I act right?

Then when I fall deeply in love with him… when he notice that… he changed. He want the love from me, which people do in sex.

Is it ok for a British born Pakistani man to date a white girl?

He said I’d be a secret and he wouldn’t tell his parents until it was ‘more serious’. Would it be allowed if he just told them about me? Its not like they have to meet me or anything.