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I am so hurt…

He told me that he actually had another wife back home… They have a 3 year old child together.

Hiding health issues affect marriage in Islam?

Can someone please tell me this will be a reason for marriage to end?

Loving Someone in a wrong time

I would like to share my story and be enlightened with advice…

Deception has shaken our marriage – what should I do?

Recently he told me that he has a daughter looking for him. His whole family knew and kept it secret from me for years. I feel absolutely betrayed and heart broken.

Does my future husband have to know I was intimate with my first husband?

After 1 year of our nikah we had intimacy secretly… I am divorced now – can I hide this from my future husband?

Is his secret marriage valid?

My brother married the maid. His wife doesn’t know and they live in one house. The maid is now pregnant. He said he will divorce the maid after she gives birth but will still provide expenses for the child.

I feel that I lied to my mother

I have proposed to a girl…. I see no reason why this girl should be penalised for what her own mother has done in the past.

Revert. Lost my virginity. Extreme guilt

He forced me… He said “I think you want it, I just need to be more forceful”. I feel like I am guilty for allowing myself to be in that situation…

Sinful Past

My partner knows of my past, but I told him they were rumours and because I’ve lied to him he’s starting to doubt me.

What do I do? I can’t face my parents.

We decided for hidden nikah, to thought that may Allah will be agree after our legal relationship.