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Marriage to Ismaili

I’m a Sunni girl… I want to be sure if it’s allowed or not. He belongs to Nazari sect.

Can I marry a Shia Muslim man? – CLOSED TO COMMENTS

I am a sunni Muslim and want to marry a shia Muslim man. He is Naqvi shia.

We’re from different sects

His is an orthodox family… They have met me now and still oppose a marriage. How long should I wait for him?

Can my cousin marry a mehdi akida(belief) girl?

Our aalim told that they are not Muslims and this marriage is not possible. Can he marry her? Are they Muslims?

I want to accept Islam, but confused which sect I should commit to

im confused because i DO WANT TO CONVERT but i dont know to what sect of islam i should commit to. My friend said that islam for shiaa is different than for sunni.