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I love her but we had to break up…

… due to not knowing whether her dad would agree to her marrying me in the future.

My marriage proposal is making me feel confused!!!!!

He used to believe in a deviant sect… I am worried about him becoming this again after marriage.

Marriage to Ismaili

I’m a Sunni girl… I want to be sure if it’s allowed or not. He belongs to Nazari sect.

Can my cousin marry a mehdi akida(belief) girl?

Our aalim told that they are not Muslims and this marriage is not possible. Can he marry her? Are they Muslims?

Is Nikah between shia and sunni haraam?

am a Sunni girl and in love with a guy who is Shia! My family would say yes on only one conditio: if a nikaah between Shia and Sunni halal?