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My Hindu husband won’t give me a divorce.

While studying Islam, I have realized that this marriage with my Hindu husband is a zina/illegal.

My husband chooses family over me

My husband never takes my side and may be a danger to me. I’m seeking divorce.

Desperate for a Divorce

I’ve been with a bad husband for 11 years. I’m desperate for a divorce but no one will grant it.

Stuck in my marriage, want a divorce from my emotional abusive husband

His negativity towards everything is really affecting me. All I wish is Allah punish him by giving him a disease or some accidents. This is so evil of me inside. I want to be a better person.

How can I get out of this abusive relationship with no support?

I’m contemplating divorce. Each time my husband fights with me because we have disagreement, he orders me that I should leave and return to my mothers home and he threatens to take my son away from me and kick me out of my marital home. He has formed a habit of continuing this daily.

How do I get divorce from my husband as I never had any feelings for him?

I would like to know if I ever did find a Muslim man that I wanted to marry would I have to require a divorce because in Islam; is our marriage already broken? But just that in Pakistan, we had to sign papers. I am now nearly 23 years old and even after 8 years since my nikkah I have never had any feeling for him.

Can I seek divorce from my neglectful husband?

Assalamu alaikum,

I am in need of advice about my marriage. My husband married me about 3 years ago in his country. I am from USA and I now know he has only married me to relocate. I have not filed for him to get a permanent residency card and so now he has decided that he does not want to live with me unless I file his papers.