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I need Advice for my marriage ASAP

Is there any way I can get his mother to forgive me?

Is seeking forgiveness from a person is compulsary or asking Allah for taubah is enough?

I have heard that in Islam if you have hurt someone or done something wrong to anyone, Allah will forgive you only, if the person you’ve done wrong to, forgives you.

Confused and in need of guidance

Why is my iman so weak…? I hate myself right now.

Seeking forgiveness

I am engaged to the love of my life… am I still Virgin for him after doing all these grave sins?

What should I do?

Recently I started saying some mean things to my mother. And I said something bad about God.

About sins before marriage with married woman?

I am ready to marry her… already she did nikah over phone with me… how can I get my sins to be forgiven by Allah?

Please help me to find forgiveness

I have committed the biggest sin of my life… I don’t know what to do.

Male friend hugged me on an outing – Scared that my family should not know

I was like I need warm hug. Suddenly he stopped and gave me hug, it wasn’t even a hug just maybe put his arm around my neck and brought it close.


I don’t even remember the people I wronged. How can I ask them for forgiveness ?

I have done something very wrong…

… with my parents. But they don’t know it is done by me. I am really guilty. What should I do?