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Stuck in a marriage to a cousin I hate

I did not want to married him so I built so much hate for him for 6 year. it almost one yr that I have married him and I hate my life its really hard I don’t love him at all.

Addicted to Dating…?

As soon as I stop and say that’s it, another dude comes into my life…

My Unforgiven Sins

I know I’m not going to be forgiven for my same repeated sins. There is no hope for me, not anymore…

I ruined my own life

He started to blackmail me, that all my pictures will be published over the internet… He said he’ll stop if I cut myself or start sex chat.

Please help me – Suicidal

After my mom made fun of me I got really made and went to my room I was going to cut my self but I could fine my broken glass that I use to cut myself with, so instead I took 3 Tylenol pills.

Now I’m just sitting here thinking I’m gonna kill my self, I’m gonna kill myself. I did plan to commit suicide a few weeks ago but things didn’t work out. I know 3 Tylenol pills is not gonna kill me, but I wish it did.


I have self harmed by cutting and I have hit myself before, and I have planned to commit suicide several times.

My ex cut himself – what should I do?

I never wanted him to hurt himself because we can’t make our relationship work. I don’t know what to do.

My girlfriend threatens suicide if I don’t marry her

I said that I love her too but don’t promise marrying her. Now she threatens to commit suicide if I don’t marry her. Whenever I leave her she cuts herself and sends me pics in which her hand, arm etc are cut.

I feel like I am alive, but not existing. Depression has got the best of me.

I think I’ve hit rock bottom. I am just about done. I relapsed on cutting and starting thinking of suicide but I feared Allah…