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Istikhara meaning and interpretation

From the very beginning I have been having problems with my husband. We just don’t have the love between us.

Help needed in understanding istikhara

I’m married but separated as was victim of domestic violence… My husband wants us to get back together and my family really insisting me for divorce.

We are separated – now what?

He says he does not want a divorce and that he does not take it lightly, yet he mentions he is going to get his own house and wants the kids to sleep over some days. This honestly doesn’t make sense to me.

Pregnant and alone

When I can’t take it anymore I pray to Allah that I don’t want jannah because I can’t take this suffering. I don’t know what to do. Every ounce of my strength is gone.

What to do with my husband and my lover?

My husband and his famiy were abusing me so I left him … After separation with my husband, a Muslim guy was a friend… we had physical relations…