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Nervous about intimacy

I will be getting married soon. I’m quite worried as I don’t know what my rights and responsibilities are in terms of intimacy. I don’t know what his rights and responsibilities are.

Will angels curse me if I refuse my husband oral / anal sex?

I don’t like these acts and have made it clear to him… Now he is angry with me.

Married girl masturbating

My husband has no interest in me. I miss sex.

Sexual relationship with wife

We are newly married. Must we have sex?

Husband won’t have sex

Sometimes I just cry because what is a marriage without sexual intimacy?

Am I a virgin?

I need to know whether or not I am. What if I don’t bleed on my wedding night? It makes me never want to get married and I hate myself.

Newly married but still not consummated…

My wife thinks it will happen on its own. I unfortunately am often stuck with loosing my patience feeling rejected and less of a man.

Frustrated and worried

My husband is not sexually well… he smokes sheesha… he sits all day home and fights on the silly things.

Please Help Me! What should I do now to save my marriage?

My wife wants to have sexual intercourse but I don’t…

My wife didn’t bleed…

There was no blood, nothing even a little, so how I can understand that she bleeded?