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I am truly happily married but we are sexually incompatible

My husband has a very low sex drive… I love him regardless but wanted some advice if anyone experienced it, as I always thought men always wanted to have relations…

Engaged to an Imam but feeling uncomfortable about marriage conditions

One condition I requested was no other wives – he agreed. Then he oddly went into a conversation about maybe needing to work in a different country and I may not be able to go with him, and that when he is home he wants physical intimacy once every seven days, and doesn’t want kids for three years.

Our sex life is compromised

We both are not getting attracted to each other, we do not feel any urge.

Worried about premature ejaculation

If I have this problem should I go ahead with this marriage or should I postpone till I’m cured??

My sex life is ruining my life

From early days of marriage I was not satisfied with the sex I’m having with my wife. I don’t know why.

Urgent request regarding conjugal life!

I request your response for the following two issues…

How are marriages beneficial for men?

I know that Allah is a loving God and He is very just. However, I don’t understand why He legislated marriage, an institution where men have to lose and women are supposed to win? Doesn’t Islam view men and women to be equal?

I can’t seem to have interest in my wife

I am recently married. I don’t feel any arousing for wife. But when I watch any video having female in it I easily arouse and masterbate.

Should I mention this when looking for a husband?

I am scared I may end up stuck in a marriage where I am sexually unsatisfied.

Newly married and facing problems

I feel like Allah is punishing me… I am so stressed out that I sometimes think I will break down.