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Our sex life is compromised

We both are not getting attracted to each other, we do not feel any urge.

Is oral sex haram in Islam?

Me and my Wife are married and have one question in our mind for many year and it is:

Is sucking the genital area haram in Islam?

Is wanting more sex a valid reason for taking a second wife?

He is married and wants to take another wife, he prefers the second to be previously married with kids so that the marriage will have purpose i.e. to look after a sister that needs a husband

Is oral sex allowed within marriage?

Is oral sex between spouses permissible in Islam?

The intimate part of my marriage is terrible

My husband and I have been married for nearly 4 year’s. We are very, very, happy together. However, our intimate sexual life together is horrible. I was raised in America, he in Jordan. I am a revert to Islam, he was raised muslim. He was a virgin when we married, I had been married previously.