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My wife avoids sexual contact with me

After almost a year I have snapped and had a go at her. Told her to leave and go. Am I doing the wrong thing?

Married girl masturbating

My husband has no interest in me. I miss sex.

Husband won’t have sex

Sometimes I just cry because what is a marriage without sexual intimacy?

Marriage dilemma

I heard from one source that if sexual intercourse has not been done within 6 years the marriage is over automatically…

My wife won’t have sex with me

She always refuses me, giving me the excuse that she can’t be bothered to have a shower, etc.

Should I leave my loveless marriage?

My mother got me married at 16 to her nephew in Pakistan. At the time I just did what she wanted as I thought she would do what is best for me. I was a type of girl whose life revolved around study. I was a prefect and got the highest grades when I finished. I had my college planned and place set. I found out I was going to get married when it was my sister’s walima, my mum booked the tickets in two days time.

How can I connect with my wife after 10 years of marriage?

I need to understand that in a situation where I have spent more then 10 years with my wife, how I still feel and I think my wife too that we do not have understanding between us.

Is a marriage that has never been consummated a valid one?

My friend has been having trouble with her marriage and basically came to me for some moral support. During the conversation she let slip that her husband and her had never consummated their marriage.

Husband ignoring me sexually and I need options

I am a 24yr old married woman who have been married for 4 yrs with my husband. Together we have a 15 mth old son. My husband has been ignoring me sexually, even before my pregnancy our sex life had been not so great.

Husband is not interested in sex

My husband loves me very much, but he is not interested in sex. We got married 1 year ago. We have not contacted in sex since 10 months. When I ask him about it nicely, he is saying that next week he will start.