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Want to quit zina! Shall I have a secret nikah?

The sexual desires of mine are at peak and I really need to fulfill them. I want to secretly Nikah with someone (any girl) and keep the physical relation for couple of years.

Watching porn, masturbating, having a Muslim FWB

For me marriage is not an option. Praying to God, fasting, etc will not keep my sexual desires away.

Strange sexual arousal at night

When I sleep I feel sexually aroused. Then I wake up at 3 am and feel like someone is in my room.

In love and desperate for sex

I have two big problems which are driving me crazy.

Masturbation and sexual thoughts – how do I stop myself?

I want to stop doing this, it is ruining my Islam and my life.

I Am In The Fitnah of Women, Please Help

I really need help in controlling my gaze. I’ve quit watching movies, tv etc. but the fitnah is so much widespread that I cant escape from it. In the college, on the roads and my family didn’t quit watching tv so all the filth from there also finds its way to my eyes.

My husband has online relations with other women

I need advice and help, I feel so alone and confused. I met my husband online 4 years ago, a few times over the time we met I discovered he was talking online to females and joining wierd fetish groups for sexual relief. I would discover many times what he did, but I new deep down he is a good man and I stood by him believeing him every time he said sorry and that he had done tawba over his mistakes.

I find myself asking what I’m doing wrong. It’s not the obvious reason where people will say I dont give him sex, as I’m always the one asking and waiting for it. He is always tired because of work and when we do finally have sex he just jumps in the bath and wants to eat, whereas I want to lay down and cuddle and talk.