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I really like this man… I’m only 13?

I truly do love him, but lately, he’s been touching me a little.

Controlling Sexual Desires – CLOSED

Due to my sexual desires, I’ve experienced a few awkward situations in the past…

It’s haraam, but I can’t help it

I’m afraid that I might be gay. I’m really scared, because I have always been taught that homosexuality is haraam.

Sexual Thoughts

Sexual thoughts can come into my mind about my future life (even though I am not engaged yet). I want to get rid of this.

Sexual thoughts and feelings

I have many strong thoughts and feelings sexually… in my state of depression I committed horrible sins.

What are female rights to sex?

Please tell me my rights as a female on sex? Is it wrong for a female to ask for sex? I also need tips in how I can make him more attractive and intimate with me…

I Am In The Fitnah of Women, Please Help

I really need help in controlling my gaze. I’ve quit watching movies, tv etc. but the fitnah is so much widespread that I cant escape from it. In the college, on the roads and my family didn’t quit watching tv so all the filth from there also finds its way to my eyes.

How should I handle my wife who watches pornography?

I’ve discovered that my wife consistently watches porn privately when i’m at work or away. This is numerous of times per week and it’s hidden from me. I’m shocked about this and think that it has been going on for a number of years due some of the ideas she’s come up with in bed a while ago.

My Sexual Desires are Overtaking me

Salam my name is Miriam and I am so upset with my life because I keep having sexual issues and then I am so so stupid because I start chatting to random guys about it on the Internet and then I feel had because of the sin. But I repent but now I have become fed up sexual desire is taking over my life and I don’t know what to do.

Islamic view on intimate video chat with husband

Assalamualikum. For the past 5 months my husband is not near me, as he got a job abroad and had to go. As he finds it very difficult to stay without me(especially as he cannot sexually satisfy himself without me), he applied for family visa for me and our son, but it got rejected twice.