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Disturbed by discharge

Is it farz to do ghusal for namaz… or wuzu is enough?

I’m too possessive of my best friend

Sometimes I dream about her sexually. I feel like maybe this is because I was raped by my mom’s younger brother (my uncle) while my parents were busy in their own fights. He used me because no one was watching the kids. So I don’t want to be married.

My sexual urges are strong from past molestation

The sexual urges I felt at puberty could not be controlled and I came to know how we can watch porn on YouTube. I soon started watching dirty videos, masturbating, repenting and doing the same cycle all over again. I used to do it on and off, and no matter how hard I tried I always end up doing it and then feeling super guilt shortly after.

I’m scared of what I’m doing – please help me

This new kind of sickness has infected me… And that is the outburst of my sexual desires on the nearest female I see. And that just so happens to be my little sister…

I want a physical relationship with my boyfriend now.

I am interested in kissing with my boyfriend… I cannot wait long years.

I am a muslim, 26year old girl & I want to get married

I am a 26 year old muslim girl and now I really feel that I want to get married. Actually I want to have sex, my sexual feelings are getting very strong and I dont want to make any sin. But my parents think I should study and do PhD before I get married.