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I touched my female cousin without her consent. I feel terrible.

I feel like a horrible human being now, to the point that I beat myself daily and repeatedly. How do I repent?

My mother-in-law and brother-in-law are harassing me

I heard a noise like scratching in the window so I turned back to look…I stood there for second, and then when I realized what it was, I screamed out loud and called my husband. I had seen a mobile touching the bathroom window.

I am being sexually molested and harassed.

I have a cousin who touches me inappropriately. What should I do?

Molested by cousin

Now I’m like 100% sure that it wasn’t misunderstanding and my cousin actually molested me.

I need help

I’m really scared, please help me.

Extremely scared of the opposite sex….

Raping, molesting, etc. caused in the world are majority by men… Seriously, would these horrific men like if the same thing would be done to their daughter’s and mothers, sisters, etc???

Sexual harassment by a Pakistani doctor, what should I do?

I’m a 25 year old nursing student in the UK and I’m being sexually harassed by an older, married Pakistani doctor. What should I do?

Can I leave my mother after she lied to me about my father?

My parents have had an divorce when I was at the age of 9 . I have been living with my mother for 7 years with two other sibling and had no contact with my farther because of my mother, I had so much hatred built in my heart that I hated my father because what my mother had told me. so started building hatred for my father for the sake of my mother also to please in some sense.