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I have sexual problem please help me.

I am an Afghan woman, I got married about three months before. I love my hasband and he also but I have sexual problem I don’t let him to have sex with me because it hurts me and I feel hurt and also I don’t enjoy my life with my husband.

I still love my ex and want divorce but my husband and my parents don’t understand this.

I wanted to marry someone else who I loved deeply. I couldn’t mention it to my parents back then because I knew they would never agree to it and also they will be very distant and sad because of me. My husband refused to dissolve the engagement because he thought I was being illogical or maybe because of social pressure. I can’t mislead my husband anymore. I can’t even tell him I love someone else. I got so frustrated just after one year of marriage that I attempted suicide. And now by the end of 2 years, I find myself on the someplace that I want this marriage to end or else I will do suicide again, the person that I used to love is still single and willing to accept me if my husband divorces me.

My father cheats on my mother and he is addicted to pornography as well

My father has been unfaithful to my mother for a number of times. Every time he did it, he always asked for forgiveness and promised to never do it again. My brother made me promise not to disclose this to our mother as he was worried that our family would fall apart.

Am I committing a sin by thinking about other men?

I am 24 years of age and my husband is 27 we have been married for nearly 6years ( we have no children). I have 2 older sisters 1 of them has been divorced twice whilst my other sister is going through a divorce. I never wanted to get married to my husband but my mother fell ill and begged me to marry him because he was so desperate to marry me…

I want to be a straight muslim man, please help me.

When I was a little boy of just 2 years I lived in a large compound with a lot of neighbours and friends sometimes we even regarded each other as siblings.I was raped …

Boyfriend threatens to expose our relationship to my parents; ruin my life and career.

Within one month of knowing each other, we got together as courting couple. It was my first time. It was him who wanted, and I was reluctant at the start, but followed him. Between me and him, we had already started to talk about settling down next year. He likes to threaten me, saying that he will meet my parents and blurt out everything about what we have done. e also said that he will ruin my career and will create havoc at my workplace. I feel like, all these are happening because I didn’t take care of myself well; I caused shame to my parents I did what they forbid us to do.

I lost consciousness and someone abused me.

I recently converted to Islam Alhamdullilah and Insha Allah I am going to get married to a wonderful man, whom is brother of my best friend’s husband. My problem is that I am not a virgin and don’t know if I should tell him or not? Before I converted to Islam; I never had a boyfriend or anything like that; I never dated but I was going through a terrible time at home.

I am not loved by my husband

Assalamualikkum wa rahmathullah……

I dont´ know,… from the very first day of my married life my husband showed some kind of dislike towards me. His dislikes was shown only in front of me not in front of others. Everyone thought, we made a good couple, but the bitterness of our marriage was known by me only….

Is oral sex allowed within marriage?

Is oral sex between spouses permissible in Islam?

My husband has been incarcerated for 14 years, I can’t wait anymore

My husband has been incarcerated for over 14 yrs now and I find myself needing him intimately more than ever. i am struggling with my inner body to not cheat but as a woman i am needing intimacy more than ever. what do i do i dont want to divorce him and we don’t know for sure how much longer he has. i don’t want to commit sins either. inshallah someone help me!