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Is this truly haraam even though I’ve never had sexual relations, nor wanted to have sexual relations with a girl?

Please Help Me! What should I do now to save my marriage?

My wife wants to have sexual intercourse but I don’t…

I need to take my mind off of it

I am engaged but only feel physically attracted to him once in a while… I feel attracted towards a female – my own sister.

Homosexuality – Why such a hard test from Allah? Test or punishment?

Could someone please tell me – when would the help of Allah come to me? How would I know if it’s a test or am I getting punished?

OCD about my sexuality is driving me mad!

I have become so sick to the point that I can’t eat or sleep, the only time I am not thinking about this is when I am sleeping.

Is transgender haram?

To be honest I really want to be just a girl – is this wrong? Are hormones and SRS haram?

Unsure of my sexuality and career path.

My sexual orientation. I flinched just while typing that, haha. But I keep on having these thoughts that I may not be straight. I try to push them away but that just makes me think about them more. Everytime I convince myself they’re not really there they manage to come back with reinforcements the next day.