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I am in a strange state of life

I am a Muslim woman ,married since last 14 years, I have a very complicated situation. i have 2 kids. I got married in a very young age and was hardly aware of sex and pleasure. Over all he is a gentleman but he forced me always to do job , I’m doing job in a factory since I got married with him and used to give him my all salary. He used to spend all money on his relatives but I never objected by the fears of ALLAH

My Husband prefers to masturbate than to have intimacy with me

My husband and I have been married for 8 yrs, we have one daughter. After about 3 years of marriage our relationship started going downhill. We have been arguing over little things but mainly because he has not been performing with me sexually as he should. He only ever did it with me when I would initiate it and even then many times he would just tell me that he is tired. If finally he does decide to perform with me he would not be intimate with me, wont kiss me etc, just does his thing.