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Sexual relationship

I’m not very religious but I need Allah to forgive me because I feel I have done something bad. And I don’t want to break up with him.

Cheating… now he wants nothing to do with me

He told me that he didn’t love her. He now says that he doesn’t love me… he says that he’s bored. Should I tell his wife?

Should I marry her now I know that she has not saved herself for marriage?

Now I found out that she is not a virgin and she admitted that she had committed adultery when she was in high school (she is 23 now). Now I am really confused about what to do.

I have been living separately from my husband for nearly 18 months, am I divorced?

Please help me as i am totally lost here. I have been living seperately from my husband for nearly 18 months. I have had no sexual relationship with him and certainly no contact. During my marriage it was never good as we never communicated with each other, never had dinner together and never really had much physical contact.

Need strength to leave haram relationship

I have been involved in a relationship with a muslim boy for nearly a year now, I am muslim as well and we are both 22 years old. When I first met him I thought that he was going to be my future husband and so we started dating. I told him that I would never do anything physical with any guy unless he was my husband and he was fine with it. However now we have done stuff together and I hate myself because of it.