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I get sexual thoughts about my male best friend

For 25 yrs I have kept myself away from such relations… But why am I so restless now?

Feeling like to get suicide

I find it hard to control sexual feelings and stop masturbation. I am feeling really shame over this habit.

Distressed by sexual thoughts about the same sex

I feel awkward and disgusted when I have these thoughts. I want to marry a man and have kids.

High Sexual Drive – What to do?

I realised “fasting” to stop sexual desires according to hadith but the problem is that I am not allowed to fasting due to my health problems and doctor has recommended me not to fasting. I don’t want to see “marriage” is the way out.

Sexual Thoughts

Sexual thoughts can come into my mind about my future life (even though I am not engaged yet). I want to get rid of this.

Masturbation and sexual thoughts – how do I stop myself?

I want to stop doing this, it is ruining my Islam and my life.

Sexual thoughts and feelings

I have many strong thoughts and feelings sexually… in my state of depression I committed horrible sins.

Having very sinful thoughts about Allah

I am a practising Muslim married lady. Recently I have started getting these thoughts about Allah wuthalla which are really bothering me.

I need help with breaking my addicted to masturbation

A/A i am 21yr old and i have a habit of masturbating since frm 13.

I did it continously frm this age and nw at 21. I feel sorry what I was doing, but now there is a problem that I always want to do sex.

Am I committing a sin by thinking about other men?

I am 24 years of age and my husband is 27 we have been married for nearly 6years ( we have no children). I have 2 older sisters 1 of them has been divorced twice whilst my other sister is going through a divorce. I never wanted to get married to my husband but my mother fell ill and begged me to marry him because he was so desperate to marry me…