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Sexuality and gender in Islam

What is and isn’t against Islam in sexual preference?

Is being a lesbian equal to being a homosexual?

I wanna know about Islamic views, is this same as homosexuality because its punishment differs from homosexuality

Homosexual thoughts for a year. Am I a lesbian?

My problem is that I get homosexual thoughts. I try alot to get rid of them,sometimes i do get rid by busying my self in other activities but sometimes I cant control my mind…

He pressured me to have sex, but I love him

Me and my partner have been together now for over a year and i felt a lilttle pressured into sexual activities yet im in love with him and i thought i will marry him because we had talked about it.
But because he is bengali and i am paki he realised he couldnt get married to me because his family wouldnt allow it.
Hes young too and i think he wasnt thinking when he convinced me to do sexual things with him.