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Is suicide the only way left?

I’ve seeked for repentance as many times as u can think but Allah doesn’t love me… if he would have had loved me He would have never let me put myself in this situation…


What should I do about my life?

Nude photos were leaked… I cry everyday, people point at me… I feel like dying.

I sent him pictures – I feel so guilty!

I cannot get this thought out of my head, I wish I was dead sometimes even though I know suicide is a sin.

I am fed up with the worst of the sins. And can I get a good muslim girl as my wife in this life?

I have been committing these worst sins for all my life… I think God will give me a filthy, ill-character and sinner girl like I am..

I want to restore my family’s honor… But should I tell him about my past?

He knows I am divorced that’s all. I am very fearful of telling him that I was married to a white man. I feel my past will never leave me alone.

Seeking repentance for my sins

I am 15 years old. I feel so guilty and ashamed… I am terrified I will go to hell.

Dying with guilt from repeated mistakes and zina

I don’t think any man would want his wife who has affairs like this. I’m so troubled.

I exposed myself online

A person recorded it and threatened to send that clip to all my contacts if I didn’t send him money… I immediately blocked and deleted him. I have been so distressed since that incident…

I am ashamed of everything – CLOSED

I hate it but can’t do anything to stop it. This is eating my mind up so please help me.

Feeling like to get suicide

I find it hard to control sexual feelings and stop masturbation. I am feeling really shame over this habit.