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I feel like my death is near, and it’s really scary

Lately I’ve been having this feeling like the death angel is about to show up and take my soul and it’s really scary. This happens everyday, and I don’t like it.

Evil whispers are frightening me

I hate hearing the whispers about islam, as I keep thinking that Allah might think its me thinking that. So I keep having to battle the satan (in my mind) and defend Allah (loudly). This truly hurts me and has changed me as a person.

I want to expel ‘JINN’ from my body, please help.

I am Laibah a married women with a baby girl alhumdulillah,married for last 2 years. I am influenced by an evil spirit, its a jinn or a shaitan or through black magic, I don’t know but by problem is my husband and daughter. I cant be loving to them, cant be physically and emotionally attached to him, abuses him beats my daughter and behaves very rude to both of them.