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Sunni girl in love with Shia boy

I really want him to be my husband – he respects me and he respects my religion, help me please I’m confused.

He is a Shiite but does not hate the Sahabah, can I marry him?

I am a sunni girl interested in a shia guy. If i present this to my parents they will never agree because of his sect.

We married secretly and my husband had an affair with another woman

As we are husband and wife now, Ahamdullilah, we do feel strongly for each other, our intimate life is next to zero. thats because we dont have a place to be alone at and hence get easily frustrated at small things. Only after 3 months of marriage, he had an affair with another girl and wanted to divorce me. but by the grace of Allah, he is back to me again and realizes his mistake and is embarassed.