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Can I worship the Hindu god after I accept Islam?

I am a Hindu girl. I am in a relationship with a Muslim guy for 8 years and now we want to get married. If I get converted for the sake of his (the guy I’m gonna marry) family, than can I worship my god even after that?

Is checking name compatibility really a sin?


I was going through questions posted on this forum and read this one:

In this probably the editor of this site has stated that checking names compatibility is shirk and a big sin. Would some one like to shed more response on this point? Is it really wrong in our religion? What are the authentic sources and references?

Will God forgive me for doing witchcraft?

I started to pray five times daily and I fast without cheating. (because I used fast and then eat secretly) But now that I started to Pray and try to do my best. I live under stress and denial. I have done things in my past that are very bad. Years ago I did witchcraft then I stopped because I was afraid.

Dua (supplication) can change taqdeer (fate)?

What is the proof? I mean: how can I know something happened because my dua changed the course of a particular thing or was it really going to happen that way? Can someone show me a proof? And then they claim it has to be recited 1000-2000 times and the dua will change taqdeer. I do not believe that – because the Prophet’s (PBUH) hadtith and Quran to my humble knowledge do not give the number of times duas should be made because that would mean we are impatient and want Allah to fulfill our requests on demand like a drive through.

We have done nikah, but he is threatening to divorce me

I got nikahfied last year in july and at that time the boys parents didnt tell that he had illegal daughter and he is into drugs now few months back he told me about his illegal daughter and other stuff..

Will my marriage to her be successful?

Assalamualikum. My name is arsalan and I want to marry my cousin her name is iqra. Will it be successful or not?

They want me to marry a gambler or an alcoholic.

I´m so much depressed that sometimes I think of committing suicide but then I think that this life is a gift of ALLAH(swt) and I don’t have any right to finish this life.

when will she be married?

aoa. my sister is 29 years and my family is worrying about her marriage. her name is shumaila, date of birth 17/11/1981, place of birth is jhang, and mother’s name is zubaida begum.

kindly do istikhara of my sister and let me know will this year she get married?

How do i know if the first wife is doing magic?

I have a disturbing question. I am married as a second wife, and as I had explained in my earlier post that my husband is so scared of his first wife that he cannot give my equal rights and the 1st wife knows clearly that he married me and we have two kids together. My main concern is regarding the things I have discovered during the period I got married and till of recent. I don’t believe in SHIRK at all, and am STRONGLY AGAINST anyone doing it, but I have the following signs which sometimes makes me think that the 1st wife has been doing or still doing sihir to get her husband by herself.