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Wife doesn’t want to consummate marriage due to fear of getting hurt.

I have done my nikaah 0n 0ct 31 201, but I cannot doing mubashirat with my wif

Devastated by Wife’s Secret with my Brother

My wife committed zina many times with my brother 20 yrs ago. I recently learned of it…..

Cant believe my husband and I are really divorced

Asalamualaikom brothers & sisters, Last 26 of July, I had a huge fight with my husband. The next day, when I came home from work I found his closet empty, he left and took all his things with him. I called him on his phone and he told me that he is divorcing me and doesn’t want to live with me anymore.

We got married, and then I found out he is already married after a week

My issue is about polygamy. I am married to a muslim man and I converted on the same day. In my situation, I didn’t know at all before we got married that my husband had a wife and on the process of divorce already. After a week of getting married I just then learned about the 1st wife which surprised me a lot and got me confused with the situation.

My husband just told me he is already married and living with his wife and child

I’m a new Muslim who converted to Islam 2 months ago. I married my boyfriend/father of my child of 3 yrs on the same day. He is a Muslim but wasn’t practising, although he is now. He confessed a few days ago that he has a 2 yr old child and wife living with his parents, where he also lives.