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Should I get a divorce?

I know if I ask my husband for a divorce he will fight me on it because he doesn’t want to lose me, but oddly enough he doesn’t want to work on keeping me.

Need help to take decision for khula

He has been cruel both physically, emotionally, verbally… I cannot live a life where I hate my husband.

Should I divorce or forgive my unfaithful husband?

My question is should I try forgive one last time and pray to allah to keep him in straight path? Or should I leave?

Torn between getting divorce or staying married

Now I am confuse with my decisions, I had my career and I can support my children even if without him but there was this hope also that I should try holding on because maybe the second wife will go back to abroad and we can have a happy life again.

Should I end this marriage?

It’s very hard for me to live with person, whose voice irritates me and I don’t wanna even see his face. I feel terrible by thinking he is my husband and I should obey him in every situation. I am afraid I am ruining my Akhirah as well as duniya.