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Future to be fiance

Help me please. Does he deserve forgiveness and is worth marrying? And how can i stop living in ocd about his past?

My husband has cheated… even during our miscarriage

When I was praying so hard for his baby’s life he was sinning with other woman.

Husband cheated on me

I love him a lot but not sure if he is trust worthy. Should I forgive him and move on? Should I contact that girl to find out?

Should I stay in this marriage?

I believe he still sees his mistress every day… I don’t trust him any more.

Should I forgive my husband for cheating on Facebook?

I have been married for a very short period of time (less than 6 months). Recently, my husband and I got into a fight over something very trivial. I have had suspicions about his activity on facebook because he would stay up very late every night, while I was sleeping.