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Homosexual urges and the role of Marriage

I desire very much to get married and have children (if Allah wills) however I fear that I will be miserable.

Mild ED – Should I marry?

***This post relates to male sexual dysfunction.***

Marriage problem

My mother has refused to do marriage with her but girl’s family is still willing to do and they are waiting for my decision.

Is it worth it getting married?

When I witness or hear couples that are married, it makes me not want to get married.

I’ve finally found a practising Muslim man… But my family don’t want me to marry him unless he changes his name

I tried hard to convince my family for him as he is the guy for me. My mother’s stand is clear. She can’t trust a revert Muslim; he can go back to his basics anytime. He was supposed to change his name but suddenly informed me that he has changed his mind. Every moment my mind and heart is torn.

Father approves my marriage reluctantly – Should I consider it?

I have a friend in India who is a pious girl. I know her since one and half-year and we got to know each other very well that we think we are best made for each other. Because my father is unhappy shall I stop thinking of getting married to this girl?

Not married with child on the way

My boyfriend and i had broken up and while we were not dating i found out i was pregnant with his child. Now he is saying we have to get married before the baby is born because he is Muslim