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In love with an older man

I am 16 but there is this guy I have met who is 25 years old… Shall I wait for him?

I want to marry him, but he is avoiding me.

I don’t know what to do – to wait for him or to let him go?

Should I wait for him?

He likes me too but wants to finish his studies before marrying. That will take 1 and a half years. He is a practicing Muslim and wants to do this Islamic way only.

I want to marry my cousin but he doesn’t know – should I wait for him?

Should I wait for him? My parents want to hurry up. His parents are very Islamic… that is the kind of family I want to be in.

Do I wait for my loved one?

Salam Alaykum,
I fell in love and since then my life got complicated.I alway thought i had the answer to all my problems, I used to laugh at people who where in love, now… look at me , it caught me. I see how quick, karma comes around. I have tried everything to forget him but my heart wouldn’t let me.

He says he needs space but how long can one wait for?

I got to know someone for the purpose of marriage this was the intention after having a lot of bad luck with other men. I finally think he is the one for me who spoke about a future, religion and what we would want in our marriage insha Allah. To be fair the relationship is not seen as a boyfriend/ girlfriend type.