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I’m shy to tell my father I want to get married

I want to have someone there for me to protect me. I want someone who I can worship Allah with.


Feeling very shy and alone

Why this is happening, is this my mistake or is given by God? And what can I do to make myself better and make new friends? I feel very lonely too.

I received a proposal but I’m an introvert – what should I do?

Should I marry her? I’m scared that after a while she’ll get bored of me and divorce me.

Memories of being molested as a child

I don’t really know if I was molested or not, but I have a memory (believe me this extremely hard for me to write and I’m shaking and crying right now)…

Engaged and feeling sick with nerves

Already when he is kind to me, I do not feel like I can reciprocate or return the favour. I hate saying ‘thank you’ because it feels too embarrassing for me. I generally just ignore him. I feel like I am being a cold, arrogant person and he has already commented that he thinks I am distracted because I love someone else, which is not true at all.

Shy and Afraid

I met a decent, pious Muslim brother who turned out to be my cousin. He is very smart, kind, generous and humble. I got to know him passively because he used to visit my parents and talk to them. Then he graduated and moved away so he no longer comes to visit, and I find myself missing him (Is that wrong?) and wishing that he would come sometimes.

Very shy and frightened about marriage and sex.

Like many Muslimahs, my parents expect me to marry after I finish my degree, and they will probably find some suitable men for me to consider…