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Losing my mind

The thoughts have transpired into sinister thoughts about my mother and father… thoughts I cannot even begin to explain…

Husband moved to another state 6 months ago

I am a Muslim revert of 8 years. Four years after I made my Shahada, a younger professional fellow (20+ yrs) persued me on a Muslim matrimonial site, and we married after several months both civilly and Nikkah. Four years later, he has still not told his family about me or his marriage. Shortly after we married, he disclosed to me that he was sick and could not work. I had to work full time to support him from the get-go, along with supporting my teenager.

Husband keeps our marriage a secret from his family

I live in North America and reverted to Islam 7 years ago, Alhamdulillah. I was married twice before but not to Muslims and do have children from these previous marriages. My children are older now and grown and although they respect my religion, they themselves are not Muslim. I signed up on a Muslim marriage site and the response was overwhelming but soon realised that most responses were from visa seekers or men seeking a second wife.

My husband married a second woman and I am sick

i’m a hindu who ws in love wit muslim guy n as witness to khuda v accepted each other by saying kabul, since 3yrs as husband n wife. But its becoming a problem for him sometimes to spend time wit me. Kindly advice what to do i’ve become depressed n i’ve stopped having food n i’m sick kind of bed ridden.