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Allah’s reply or shaytan’s trick?

How can I tell if my dream is from Allah or the Shaitan?

Are thoughts of death and death dreams a sign from Allah?

How do I know that if I dream these death-related themes, it’s a “sign” or merely from my thoughts?

I saw examples from the Quran as a result of my Istikhara

I did Istikhara and saw some signs…one an example from the Quran and one a vision of a person asking me to read a Surah. What does this mean?

My conscience or waswas?

I feel I have chosen someone over Allah and the fact which makes me depressed most is that I can’t imagine to leave him…

Is this a positive or negative sign from Allah?

I performed wazifa of YA JAMIU 1111 times and 11-11 times Daroode Ibrahim before and after… After 3 days I saw a dream…

supernatural spirit disturbing me at night

Even though it used give hints and communication through the subconscious (it never spoke), one day and only one time when I was in semi-sleep (I couldn’t move) I could clearly feel someone near me but I couldn’t see it.