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I want to expel ‘JINN’ from my body, please help.

I am Laibah a married women with a baby girl alhumdulillah,married for last 2 years. I am influenced by an evil spirit, its a jinn or a shaitan or through black magic, I don’t know but by problem is my husband and daughter. I cant be loving to them, cant be physically and emotionally attached to him, abuses him beats my daughter and behaves very rude to both of them.

Is someone doing sihr to keep us apart and not to marry each other? How can we get rid of it?

The man that I love is being forced to marry another woman due to religious views. He has tried explaining to his father about me yet his father won’t allow our marriage. The man I love, says he loves me but theres nothing he can do to stop the engagement. Today, I was informed that someone was doing work to keep him away from me; sihr/magic came into mind. How can one get rid of sihr?

My husband has left home and I suspect my sister-in-law has done black magic.

He has moved to his brother house and the person who I suspect has a part in all this is his sister-in-law where he is staying. I was told that he was fed these when he went abroad recently.