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A Muslim girl and a Sikh boy

He’s a very respectable person and he loves me. How can I let him know Islam is the ultimate source of guidance and falah?

Advice and prayers regarding marriage

I am seeing a man raised in a Sikh family. This man practices many of the teachings of Islam. However, he does not want to revert to Islam. We want to get married.

I want to give up; this pain is too much

I have fallen in love with a non-Muslim man who is Sikh. Both of us have strong feelings for each other, but I know this is also haram so we backed off. But if someone can treat you right, respect you and is willing to look after you your whole life, doesn’t that mean anything? I have never trusted a man in my life apart from him.

My fiance wants to marry me ONLY for my looks.

I know that my fiance has the right to like me for my looks, but not to such extent that I feel he is only attracted to my body and not my personality. Will this lustful attraction make our future relationship strong? and how much am I assured that he will not start to get bored of me- because at the end of the day, the only reason he wants to be with me is because he claims I am ”beautiful”.

Revert husband not willing to practise Islam

My husband was Sikh and has revert to Islam. The reason he revert was to get married to me. His parents do not know he revert to Islam or else they will disown him. I asked him to get rid of the Alcohol that is in the house and the picture of the Sikh god because we are muslims. He replied back saying the alcohol and picture is for his parents that are Sikh and his dad can have this if they come round.