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Feeling guilt and anxious over what will happen

In the past I’ve done something wrong which is mastur*****. I’ve really repented and I did taubah already. I promise to Allah that I will never ever do this shameful act anymore. The thing is, even though I’m trying to move on, I’m somehow very restless about this. I feel so ashamed of myself.

How to get more closer to Allah?

I am so confused and scared don’t know what to do I don’t have peace in my life I don’t have barkah in my life it feels like i m on the run all that time please help me I don’t want to go on the path which leads to hell fire i want to be close to Allah SWT

Betrayed and Heart-broken

during this i fell in love with him and i thought he does too since he promised me a date for engagement and nikah.we were alone once and we both lost control. we were supposed to get engaged in 15 days but he betrayed me me and left me heart broken.

Will my sins be forgiven if I pray at the mosque for the whole of Ramadan?

I am really gunna start praying now, though and I won’t stop, but I want my sins forgiven for my previous salat so if I wait you’ll Ramadan and pray at the mosque every night. Will my sibs be forgiven, because that’s what it eats on the islamic book I’m reading.

I can’t stop watching porn, I feel guilty then repent but somehow end up watching again. Please help.

I’m a 16 year old girl and i want to repent my sins i know i have made a lot of it, the biggest of them all i feel is watching porn i know its gunah and i also feel sick about it. I tried a lot to stop doing it but i always end up doing it, i did every thing even spending less time on net i even made my setting strict but still nothing helping me i want to be the old girl i used to be not this person.

Self-hate, panic attacks and frustration; my life is not worth living

Guilt, feeling everything was because of me, Why couldn’t I stop him? Why? Why didn’t I talk to anybody about it? And why couldn’t I stop it? How can I be so irresponsible and careless that I could not even save myself.

How can I marry someone else when my heart belongs to him?

There is no way to sort the marriage out. We’ve discussed this and I’ve even suggested he speak with an Imam or marriage counselor. He’ll stay married to her for the sake of his children – he doesn’t want to lose them. How could I start a marriage with someone when my heart belongs to him? I couldn’t hurt another person, I just couldn’t live with the guilt.

Cheated on my fiancee, guilt is eating me up. What should I do?

I know its haram too have sex outside marriage but i have no clue what came over me…everytime i think about it i still cant believe the mind set i was in to do something like that its been 3 months now. I have guilt built inside me that i need to tell my fiancee but if i do i will lose her and i would honestly die if i lost her.

Reintegrating a homosexual into Islam

Please, on this worldwide web where there are more voices telling me to “come back out” than there are to make tawbah, tell me how you believe I can repent from my sins truly and sincerely (since the thoughts still keep approaching me), how I can overcome my fear of going to the masjid so that I can pray amongst men rather than hiding in my room from what I believe to be the judgement of my brothers, how I can turn what is a small but growing love of Allah into a permanent protection from displeasing him.

Regretful and unfortunate father; seeking advice in the light of Quran and Sunnah

Basically she want me to abandoned my 3 month old daughter forever. She broke all the relation with all the Muslim friends. I feel very offended when some of my close friends told me that I just leave this child and carry own my life for sake of my family and future.