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Please help me to find forgiveness

I have committed the biggest sin of my life… I don’t know what to do.


Is it a sin for me? Will I go to hell for this??

Am I going to be punished for letting it happen? Is it wrong that I did not tell anyone?

I need a support system

I have been attracted to the same sex ever since I was little. Whether my mind is manipulated by society or the devil has built a home in my heart…

I do not want to go to Jannah anymore because I am discouraged and feel guilty

“None of you believes till he loves a brother for himself”. What if you do not feel that way about a Muslim?

Dark/Black Heart

Someone I know has said to me that I have a black heart spiritually and I am very upset since then.

Will Allah forgive me for my sins?

I have made many sins and now am very confused with my life.

Is flirting with other women haraam and a sin?

I have seen men where I live winking, calling others “babe” “sweetheart” and more.

I have sinned so much…

Every time I say I am going to repent I always seem to go to doing the bad things that I want to stop.

I am fed up with the worst of the sins. And can I get a good muslim girl as my wife in this life?

I have been committing these worst sins for all my life… I think God will give me a filthy, ill-character and sinner girl like I am..

Am I worthy of wearing the Hijab?

My ex lover said to me “You’re a kaffir. You don’t deserve to wear the hijab. You’re filthy trash…”