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Trying to arrange a love marriage

His parents are also ready for our marriage, but my parents -especially my father- is not allowing us. He got some Ullma and told them our names. After listening to our names they just said this marriage would not be successful. But I believe in Allah, not in Kundali or name stuff.

Should I still hope, or not?

Recently I came to know that if istakhara comes out negative, then you cannot hope or pray for that person. I’m very confused now. I don’t know if I should ask Allah for this, or should I keep quiet? I’m not asking for haram. I’m asking Allah to make it halal and beautiful for us, and make us pious. Is this wrong?

I want to marry a non-Muslim guy who will revert, but parents are reluctant.

I have a query regarding marriage. I like a guy who is a non-muslim and he too loves me. He is ready to revert back to Islam and get married to me but my parents oppose it..