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Advice Please

I suppose I am proposing to have & raise my child as a single parent – this would not be my preference, but I can’t imagine he will want to marry &/or be a father.


How do I explain this to my son?

My husband was abusive… By asking for a khula I know I made my son an orphan but I had no choice…

We’re tired of being his secret family!

I kept asking what’s his plan for his kids? Is he going to let his family know? When? He said to give him time. What??? It’s been 15 yrs, I’m here alone with the kids doing everything for them…

Would a man marry a single mother?

I’ve befriend a guy who loves Islam dearly, he’s my bestfriend and I love him but he doesn’t know. Now will it be hard for me to marry after having a child to another man whom I was engaged to??

Just found out my husband-to-be has a child

I am engaged to a Muslim man since January 2010. We have know each other for 1.5 years. I am a Christian woman. I just found out he has a 5 month old baby that he never told me about.