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A rebellious wife

What is the solution and suggestion, as keeping all the blames aside she is disobeying and disrespecting my brother with her parents support. While she is pregnant and doing all those things…

Husband has gone abroad with no communication

My husband has gone abroad with all my savings and has not contacted me. He always used to chat with other girls, especially his sister-in-law, and ignore me.

How do we rebuild after his affair?

I decided to call him and tell him I overheard everything… the way he was so scared made me know it was really bad.

Problems with mother in law and sister in law

I do not have my own space, they don’t treat me well… their maid is treated and respected better…

We are all supporting my brother and his wife!

My brother and his wife don’t pay for any bills, nor do they pay for themselves when we go out. My brother does have his own business, but he says he doesn’t make enough money to help out financially.

Am I allowed to take Khula because my husband loves his other wife more?

I returned home with my son and I saw that my husband was getting married again! I screamed and cried but no one was listening. My sister in law and her daughter told me to leave with my son and never come back. But I refused to go and my co-wife who is a revert took some sympathy on me and requested my husband to let me stay.

Marriage to my Wife’s Sister

My friend’s sister in laws want to marry with him in absence of his wife.

How is it possible in absence of her own sister.

Am I wrong for distancing my wife from my sister in law?

My sister in law was trying to ruin her sisters relationship with me (her husband) and hook her up with a different person. I hate my sister in law and don’t trust her

Does kissing another female break his nikah?

When a man commits sin by doing kissing and touching his wife’s sister (or in other words his sister in law) but doesn’t do sex and then does tobah – does his nikah remain valid?

I keep quarreling with my sister inlaw

I’m a housewife married for 7 years now. Its a love marriage and MashaAllah my husband is really good and caring but the problem I have with, is my sis in law who is married for 6 years and still lives with us. Ours is a joint family and were very happy with each others company until my sis in law joined us..