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I feel guilty – should I tell my husband?

He beat me and would lock me in the home. But now he’s the world’s best husband. I feel guilty for having a phone friend and doing zina with them.

I am afraid to lose him?

I like my cousin. His mom will come for proposal. But my eldest sister will make a huge mess if any proposal would come… How can I take a stand?

Drugs, Zina, Apostasy and Shame!

We begged her to come home to live right and to stop taking drugs but she wouldn’t budge and then she turned to Christianity, going to church etc!

Sister and brother relationship

I have a brother, but he is not really my brother.  I wanna know does Islam allow such a relation? I don’t do any wrong, or even have feelings about him. I feel him as my real brother. So guide me,  is it allowed in Islam? -zaraa khan

We are having a conflict with my sister…

What should I do-cut her out of our lives if she continues with this man? Or just support her regardless of her decision?

My sister is a disrespectful child

I wish my sister died! I hate her! Why doesn’t Allah do anything?

wazifa for the approval of a marriage proposal

  My sister is 26 years old. She is getting  marriage proposals, but  due to some reason they are getting rejected. Recently we got one proposal which everyone liked, even the boy and the girl and their parents. Then the  boy was not getting holidays, so the proposal got cancelled.   It would be helpful  if you can […]

My 16 year old sister is having sexual relationship with her boyfriend

She steals… ran away… blackmails us. My family is falling apart because of her.

My sister and her husband are trying to prevent my marriage

After a very long time my parents agreed to our marriage, but now my sister and her husband are creating problems for me. They are trying to misguide my father. They said that he is not good looking and he is not presentable, according to my sister and her husband.

Sister in Law – Mother in Law Problems

My SIL got married after me and still lives with us. She does not go to her husband’s place because she can’t adjust over there. I have two daughters Allhamdullilah, and she has a daughter and now just gave birth to a son which has created a rift between me and my MIL.