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Drugs, lies and no trust…

My Nikkah was held at the end of 2015 and things started “changing” from there… what was promised and told to me wasn’t true at all.

Oath on Quran and breaking it

This vicious cycle of smoking, feeling guilty, quitting, paying kuffarah take a toll on many aspects of my life.

I have sinned so much…

Every time I say I am going to repent I always seem to go to doing the bad things that I want to stop.

Help me become better – multiple problems as a Muslim

I am so afraid that I will not have enough time to do good deeds that will make up for all the bad I have done..

I smoke hookah but my husband does not know

I don’t want to know what his reaction would be when he finds out I’ve been smoking behind his back…

How can I break this promise?

My mother caught me smoking and made me promise to stop.

My husband is not coming home

After marriage, my heart filled with enormous love for him. Now that I am a mother of a two year old daughter, still he is living a bachelor’s life. He goes at 8pm with his friends, and comes at around 5am daily. His friends are all unmarried and elite class. He never prays, no fasting or any other command of Allah. And if I ask him to stay at home or come early, he uses abusive language with me.

My husband hit me for smoking

I pray regularly and give charity and zaqat on time. I make an attempt to not lie and protect my baby from modern fitnas. To my knowledge I think smoking is one of my few vices.

Marriage in conflict and leading to divorce. I need to make a decision…

He would use abusive language and insult me… started taking drugs, smoking and drinking. He left his job. He has threatened me of doing wrong with me and punish me. But he doesn’t want divorce…

My mother got me married without my consent

She agreed when I didn’t give my consent. He can’t go back as his visa will expire. I don’t want to stay in Pakistan and the way he is has made me hate him. My dad is not speaking to me. I no longer want to be in this marriage.