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My cousins are astray…how do I advise them?

It turns out that my cousin is dating this drunkard, drug addict guy, and that she even plans to marry him as soon as possible…she doesn’t even want to continue with her studies!

Help, I really like this guy and he doesn’t even know my name

He’s a Muslim youtuber. He doesn’t know me at all.

Addicted to memes?

I thought it was nice, only to find out later that wasting time is haram. What should I do?

We met on social media and fell in love

Now she is saying after 5 years that she doesn’t feel the same…

Naked picture

I sent a picture to someone I thought I loved and it got posted onto social media…

Will I ever get him?

He’s the only guy I want to marry…

About a promise…

She promised by touching Quran…

I get sexual thoughts about my male best friend

For 25 yrs I have kept myself away from such relations… But why am I so restless now?

Should I accept this proposal?

Shall I give him a chance and say yes on a condition or shall I drop it from now and save him some time and pain to find someone else because of how young he is and his acquaintances on social media?

Facebook – passwords and privacy

My husband wants my facebook password but doesn’t share his own. He tells me that we will have big problems if I don’t give him.