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After analysis started chatting to a guy who looked suitable but then it ended.

After a few days he told me he was engaged and later that very evening confessed he loved me. Then chatting on and off for 2-3 days he said he was interested in me but since he was engaged he wanted to stop messaging. I can’t get him out of my mind.

He’s my dreamboy – how do I add him on Facebook?

I have been screening his facebook page so got every information I wanted to know… If he asks me who I am and why I added him, what should I say? I want to give it a try in a HALAL way.

We want to get married but his mother won’t agree

We wish to have each other as a spouse for the sake of Allah. My parents and the guy’s father does not have a problem but the guy’s mother did not agree.

Is he the right one for me or should I just give up??

Usually it would be easy for me to forget a simple crush and move on, but with this man, I even dream about him. I still have hope for him and I don’t know what to do. Should I just ignore the istikhara dream and move on, or should I stay and work things out?

I’m 30, in love with a 57 year old woman

She is a practicing Muslimah Masha’ ALLAH ! and I think she could be a perfect wife Insha’ ALLAH coz she loves and cared for me a lot. I personally do not have any issues with her age and issue of not having babies.

How can I convince my parents to let me marry this good Muslim man?

I’m 19 years old college girl. I have met this guy on a social website. I wasn’t planning to make a relationship with him or something, he was just asking me about Islam and to explain some verses for him. He is a good muslim religious person. After a while, he asked me to marry him because he wants to have islamic family not affected by the American culture, he said I’ll come to ur parents and propose according to the islamic civility and I’ll do whatever they want just to show them that I’m a good person who deserves their daughter and I totally agreed.

Does Islam permit this type of relationship?

I have an account in one of the religious networking site. Wherein I have joined many ISLAMIC Groups and ALHUMDULLILLAH am the Admin of few of these groups, and so I get many freind request and I add almost all of them (known/unknown Muslims Male or female)and my only motive to do so is to share Maximum Islamic Knowledge among us.

Parents won’t consider anyone I like for marriage because my sister’s choice turned out bad!

The problem with me is that in my family my sister had a love marriage but her husbnd is till date abusing her both verbal and physical. Even aftr having a child and during her pregnancy also he never took care of her. Always doubt her on her character and curses but also is not willing for a khula or divorce. But ever since that my mother and my father are very much against liking marriages and also keeps on doubting us and we get regular scolding on even talking on phone with my friends, they think that if we are talking to any boy(as I study in co-ed collge now) then we are having an affair with that person.

I want to marry him, but I destroyed it through jealousy

He was a good guy but I was always extremely suspicious and jealous and demanded that he delete his Facebook account.