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I want to marry a boy..

The problem is he is way less than me as in status.. my parents will never ever let me marry him.

Can we marry secretly then tell our parents?

He is the only son and they say I’ve trapped him. So we are thinking of marrying secretly and then telling them. Is it okay for us?

I’m in love, what should I do?

Please tell me what am I supposed to do? Whom should I tell ? Mom or dad? How should I tell them? How should I convince them?

I want my father to say yes

We have a status difference. I belong to a rich family, and he is from a mediocre one. I have no issues and I really liked him. I want to marry him.

I want my family to agree on this marriage

I love one guy who has a status gap with my family, so my family does not agree. But the boy is really good, and I would like to marry him as we have known each other very long time. How Could I manage my family for this marriage? What does Islam Say about this situation? I […]