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I don’t love my wife, and I am in love with other girl.

Now I am so confused, I am afraid to give my wife chance and then we come back to same story after couple of month, I am afraid to leave and regret later.

My mother used black magic to force my marriage

I told my father I can’t live with him.. but he want to marry me to whom he loves.

His social media affairs

I am in disbelief that this is still happening even during this pregnancy… He said he’ll change……. He’s still chatting with the same shameless girl.

There are three people in this marriage!

We live with in laws plus older sister of my husband… Since beginning she is head of the house and acting wife of my husband… I’m the lowest and she is the boss.

Should I divorce or forgive my unfaithful husband?

My question is should I try forgive one last time and pray to allah to keep him in straight path? Or should I leave?

Should I stay or leave?

I still don’t know if this a good idea for me to leave my husband. But if I stay my life is sad and unhappy.