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Cheating spouse and STD

I want my marriage but feel stupid if I go back knowing he has std.

How should I approach marriage with an std?

The time nears closer and closer and I need advice…

Pre marital sex and herpes

I had sex with a man I thought I loved and contracted herpes… I feel terrible keeping this a secret.

What should I do for Allah to forgive me?

I’ve promised myself and Allah never to repeat this horrible sin again. I want Allah to forgive me. Is it possible?

23 years with cheating husband who passed me STD, should I stay or divorce him?

I recently found out I have a STD from him that is no joke. After finding this out I also found out he had been seeing another women for 2 years. I can’t take the pain of this life anymore, living my life like this. I fought with him and kicked him out but only to come back. He is sleeping in a different room now but what I want to know do I stay patient or do I have rights to end this marriage. I work and support myself with no help from him at all.

His cold-heartedness is killing me

I got married not 2 long ago. My Husband gave me an std from his past. Few days ago I forgave him. (it wasn’t easy). I have more compassion for him than he has for me. Im in a deep depression and my anger doesn’t decrease..

How do I tell my husband that I married him during my iddat and gave him an STD?

A short summary about me. I’m married for 5 years with two kids. We did not face any major issues in our married life-Alhamdulilah. But I’ve got two deep dark secrets which I’ve been keeping away from my husband since we married.

Father has been sexually molesting me since childhood and now I may be pregnant

My father has been sexually molesting me since I was 7. Now I may have an STD and may be pregnant. I feel trapped and don’t know what to do.

What are my Islamic rights over my husband, he drinks, smokes marajuana & has an STD

My husband has moved out, he drinks, smokes marajuana and has an STD which he transmitted to me. I need to know my Islamic rights over him.