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Drowning in sins

gave up on Allah and committed a lot of sins. One of these sins was stealing. At my work I could steal a lot, from clothes to makeup and even money. No one ever knew that things were missing, so it was very easy for me to do.

My husband won’t support me

He steals from me – even my jewelries and mobile phones. I’m working and my mother in law is taking care of my son. Do I have the right to ask for divorce?

I have stolen from family and I can’t forget

There is one steal I don’t regret. But everything else I do and I want to pay them back but I don’t know how without them knowing.

My father is not fair

He went and got another wife on her without permission…Through the years this women has been causing our family a lot of problems…

I gave money to someone promising they will return it but they stole it

They then stated “I dont feel like giving you the money back”. They changed their bank details. Blocked my number. Changed their number and had moved address.

I stole something from school…what should I do?

I took a book from school… I just don’t have the courage to tell our teacher or principal that I stole a book…

My inlaws are accusing me of stealing

We live with my inlaws and ever since I had my baby my mother inlaw has been accusing of stealing her belongings, from cloths to jewellery to thousands of pounds.

I stole something when I was young…

I never knew how bad it was to steal from someone!!! now like four years later I regret it and feel terribly guilty, what should I do?

I lied to my father

I stole his watch and exchanged it for weed. I said that I have lost it somewhere. I feel so bad about this…

I stole my mother’s jewelry and gave it as charity

Is there a dua for forgiveness for stealing?? I’m still feeling shaky and it’s becoming a bit difficult for me to be normal around my parents after what I’ve done behind their backs.